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The Spinal Decompression & Chiropractic Center has been in business for over 24 years, treating patients in Denton and surrounding areas.

Chiropractor in Denton, TX

Our Process:

We are committed to doing everything possible to get you the help you need.


We want to first understand the underlying cause of your condition, so we will do an in-depth clinical history and thorough examination and take any necessary x-rays.


We partner with you on your health. We’ll thoroughly explain everything up front – what we find, how we can help, and how much it costs – no surprises with us.


We want to get you better as quickly as possible. If your condition qualifies for care in our office, we can begin your treatment right away. If not, we’ll tell you who can.



Dr. Vince Baugher, an Alabama native, was raised with a focus on service to humanity. As a young man, he got the opportunity to do a year of volunteer service at the world center of the Baha’i Faith in Israel, and another couple of years in Tanzania, East Africa. He fell in love with chiropractic when his mother’s life-threatening epilepsy was cured by a chiropractor. Shortly into practice, he began specializing in herniated disc treatment and found great joy in helping so many people get pain-free and back to full functioning and avoid surgery for this severe spinal condition. He has also been specializing in helping women have comfortable, natural pregnancies since his first chiropractic internship back in 1997. Dr. Baugher is active in many different aspects of community service in Denton, including his Rotary Club.


Dr. Baugher- I cannot adequately express in words how awesome he is. He, genuinely has a heart for people. There is truly nobody like him. Not just as a chiropractor but as a person. Dr. B is saving me and my families life. He is definitely sent from God and walking in his calling. He has brought back hope and restoration to me. I, thank God for him and wish nothing but the best for him and his family.

Burlynna L.

I feel so fortunate to have found The Spinal Decompression Chiropractic Center! The Doctors and entire staff are professional and experts in their fields while giving personal attention and showing compassion and concern for the patient’s needs. I feel better consistently and am confident that I will continue to due so, under their helpful recommendations and care. I highly recommend them to get back to healthy active daily living, to function pain-free and to maintain overall good health!

Linda B.

Being a patient here is the best experience you could hope for, these are the doctors I recommend to all my clients. Every doctor is incredible, and has had a huge impact on my healing journey. Knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about your well being. Come join the rest of us in living healthy and pain free!

Hunter L.

As a physician we only seek the care of the best doctors and always go to the highest trained specialists. Dr Baugher and his team at Spinal Decompression Center have truly helped my husband with his severe next pain and now he is pain free and doing amazing. Dr. Baugher’s empathy, compassion, medical and chiropractic skill, and intuition have been the healing medicine for my husband. I am so grateful for his loving care. We drive from Frisco to see him and don’t mind at all because he truly is amazing at the healing art of chiropractic medicine. Thank you!

Del M.

Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher
Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher Dr. Vince Baugher

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