Dr. Vince Baugher, an Alabama native, was raised with a focus on service to humanity. As a young man, he got the opportunity to do a year of volunteer service at the world center of the Baha’i Faith in Israel, and another couple of years in Tanzania, East Africa. He fell in love with chiropractic when his mother’s life-threatening epilepsy was cured by a chiropractor. Shortly into practice, he began specializing in herniated disc treatment and found great joy in helping so many people get pain-free and back to full functioning and avoid surgery for this severe spinal condition. He has also been specializing in helping women have comfortable, natural pregnancies since his first chiropractic internship back in 1997. Dr. Baugher is active in many different aspects of community service in Denton, including his Rotary Club.


Dr. Charlie Laughlin, born in Nebraska but grew up in Kansas, loves connecting with people. Early in life he served for 2 years as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Ribeirao Preto, Brazil mission and found great joy in bringing others to Jesus Christ. Years later, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a chiropractor, a position that allows him the opportunity to connect with patients and help them get better. He finds it amazing that when patients respond to chiropractic care, they are able to go on vacations, ride their motorcycle, compete in athletic events, and enjoy a number of activities without pain holding them back. Dr. Laughlin loves serving the community through church, Kiwanis Club, and local theatre.